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Cyclists And Recumbents Eastern Shore

You've found CARES! 

Cyclists And Recumbents Eastern Shore (CARES) is a biking group dedicated to the proposition that riding should be fun and filled with friendship!  We're based on the Delmarva Peninsula but ride in the general mid-Atlantic region.

We're not about trophies and elitism.  We're a bit counter-culture when it comes to how most established bike groups tend to be.  You'll find no riders confined to sub-groups based on ability here.  We all ride together, because we WANT to ride together.

If this sounds like a group that's right up your alley, click on one of the links above to find out more about us. 


Please remember that while the majority of our members ride recumbents, ALL cyclists are welcome.  We make no distinction between "bentheads" and "wedgies", as we highlight the fact that ALL are riders.  Our choice of steeds shouldn't be divisive. 
The fact that we all choose to RIDE, should be a uniting factor.  This isn't always the case with larger and more formal bike clubs.  With CARES, the one thing you can ALWAYS count on is acceptance.  Come ride with us, and experience the difference.  We're called CARES, because we DO care.  


Come ride with us, and remember why you fell in love with biking!

Rachel says AHHH...  love my tandem bent!

Thanks for stopping by!  Good riding!