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Cyclists And Recumbents Eastern Shore


CARES Mission Statement

CARES members are equal members, with no graduation by skill, size, bike, or any other construct that could be potentially divisive.  CARES members ride together, stay together, and enjoy the bonds of comradeship BECAUSE of the spirit of togetherness.  All cyclists are welcome within CARES, with the only mandatory item being a love of cycling and a desire to ride with others in a non-competitive fashion. 

Anyone, any age can ride. Why aren't you?


CARES was founded in 2003 by the collaborative efforts of Jack O'Day and Lars Mulford. These two sought to bring about a bike club that would seek out and welcome all cyclists, regardless of age, skill or bike type. As CARES came together, the fellowship that developed from actually riding TOGETHER AS A GROUP, became the foundation for which CARES is known. Genuine fellowship also allows diversity, which is abundant through CARES.

Along with Darrell Brown in a leadership capacity, CARES continued to move forward and grow.  CARES flourishes because of the fellowship -  riding together, building friendships and camaraderie through bike events that have an appeal for everyone.

CARES Club Leaders

CARES uses one of the founders to assist in running and managing the organization.  They function in primary roles within the felllowship, helping to spearhead, shape and mold the future of CARES.

Our current Club Leader is:

Lars S. Mulford

Jack O'Day, one of the original founders, passed in September of 2007. His guidance and spirit were instrumental in forming the fellowship of CARES. Though he is no longer with us, he will always be in our hearts, leading through spirit and example. Ride strong, ride safe, ride free, Jack.


From left to right: Darrell Brown, Lars Mulford, Jack O'Day.